Frequently asked questions

Q: Are on-site tours available?
A: Yes, please email or call to setup an appointment with one of our event coordinators.

Q: What is the capacity of your venue spaces?
A: The Historic St. Boniface Church accommodates 215 guests, Sylvia’s Garden 299, The Stable 299 and Little Log House Village Hall 299.

Q: Are the buildings air conditioned?
A: Yes, the Historic St. Boniface Church, The Stable, Dressing Rooms and Little Log House Village Hall are ALL climate controlled.

Q: How do I secure a wedding date?
A: Contact us via email or phone to check date availability. Upon confirmation of a date, provide us with your contact information (bride/groom names, address, phone, email, etc.) and we will then issue contract(s) via mail.

Q: Do we offer grooms dinners at the village?
A: We do not, but please let us know if you need recommendations in the area.

Q: Can I use outside vendors?
A: We require you to use one of our approved caterer’s and decorators that hang ceiling draping & cafe lighting, but outside of that you can choose your own vendors.

Q: Are there dressing areas for the wedding party?
A: Yes, the dressing areas are available to anyone that is having an indoor or outdoor ceremony at the village.

Q: Can our guests leave cars overnight?
A: Yes, we just ask that they are picked up the following morning. We occasionally have Sunday events and will let your guests know if they need to be removed sooner.

Q: Are additional buildings at the village open for viewing?
A: The only building(s) open, are those you have rented. Your guests are welcome to walk around and tour the village.

Q: When can I decorate?
A: Decorating days and times vary based on the day of your wedding and availability of the venue.

Q: Can we bring in our own liquor?
A: As a venue, we hold a liquor license and are the sole provider of alcohol on the premises; therefore we do not allow any outside liquor. We offer full bar service.

Q: Do you provide chairs for outdoor ceremonies?
A: At this time, we don’t supply chairs, but can provide you with a list of recommended vendors.

Q: Is there rehearsal availability?
A: Yes, all rehearsal times must be coordinated and approved in advance by the Facility Manager.

Q: Can I have my ceremony and reception inside the Little Log House Village Hall?
A: You are welcome to have a reception inside the hall; however we don’t use this space for ceremonies. Ceremonies can take place in one of our three ceremony spaces.

Q: Are there hotel accommodations nearby?
A: Yes, there are several hotel accommodations within 7 – 15 miles of the venue.

Q: Do you offer camping at the village?
A: At this time, camping is only available during our annual event in July. Camping is not permitted any other time of the year.

Q: Is there a food or beverage minimum?
A: There is a $500 beverage minimum and no food minimum.

Q: Can the Little Log House Village Hall accommodate a live band?
A: Yes, we have sufficient power to accommodate a live band. We appreciate advance notice if you are planning to have a live band to make sure our stage size is adequate for their needs.

Q: Do you have a sound system?
A: The Historic St. Boniface Church and The Stable are equipped with a sound system and microphones. We don’t have sound systems in the Little Log House Village Hall or at the outdoor ceremony locations.

Q: Do you have Wi-Fi at the venue?
A: Yes!  Your guest and DJ are welcome to use our Wi-Fi complimentary in the reception hall, but we do not have Wi-Fi in the ceremony sites.

Q: Do you have a slideshow screen and projector?
A: We have a permanent slideshow screen available for use in the hall; however we don’t provide a projector.