History of the Village

pioneer village Hastings, MN

The Little Log House Pioneer Village is a site to see for anyone who enjoys stepping back in time and history. With their passion for preservation, Steve and Sylvia Bauer created a restored pioneer village to display some of southern Minnesota’s most prized historical artifacts.

The Creation

The creation of the village began in 1987 when Steve was helping a neighbor tear down a home in theHastings area. During the demolition process, Steve discovered logs under the siding of the home that dated back to 1856-57. Instead of continuing to demolish the structure, Steve saved the cabin and moved it to his farm.

With Steve’s talent in restoring buildings and Sylvia’s passion for decorating and collecting antiques, the log cabin became a beautiful, cozy cabin and was named the “Little Log House,” hence the name Little Log House Pioneer Village. From that point forward the Bauer’s began their journey in collecting and restoring buildings and artifacts that would have been destroyed, burned down or demolished had they not preserved them as a part of the village.

In 1988, the Bauer’s hosted an old-time threshing bee event near the Little Log House, where friends, family, and neighbors came together on a Sunday afternoon. The event allowed people to tour the log cabin, display their farm equipment, watch threshing and plowing demonstrations and enjoy a meal. Now, years later the small neighborhood event has grown over the years and has attracted people from throughout the United States during their three-day event in July called the Little Log House Antique Power Show.

Since Then

Porkys diner Hastings MNThe village has grown tremendously over the years and has some forty-five restored buildings, a replica of the Hastings Spiral Bridge, a flower garden designed by Sylvia Bauer that spans over 40,000 square feet and even a dirt track for tractor and truck pulls.

Each year, the Bauer’s host their three-day event called the Little Log House Antique Power Show, which always falls on the last full weekend in the month of July. This is the only time during the year that the village is open to the public to view and enjoy pieces of yesteryear.The property is otherwise used year round for private events such as; weddings, receptions, anniversary celebrations, holiday parties, reunions, corporate functions and professional photography.

Please take a moment to explore our website and discover the attractions and activities that so many people enjoy during the Little Log House Antique Power Show. Mark your calendar now, as you will not want to miss the once-a-year opportunity to see the Bauer’s passion to preserve history. The Little Log House Pioneer Village has something for all ages to enjoy.Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will be able to attend the Little Log House Antique Power Show at the end of July.

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