Wedding Ceremony

The Little Log House Pioneer Village offers three unique and quaint settings for exchanging vows. If you are looking for a wedding venue, we offer several options:

The Stable                     

 Capacity: seats up to 299 guests



                         Historic St. Boniface Church

st boniface church hastings mnThere is deep rooted history in each artifact that frames and fulfills the structure of the Historic St. Boniface Church including its bricks, hand-crafted pews, altars made of black walnut and 10-foot-tall stained glass windows. Originally built in the late 1800′s, St. Boniface Church stood in Hastings, Minnesota for 103 years and was set for demolition. In order to save the church, it was taken apart brick by brick (approximately 40,000 bricks) and rebuilt at two-thirds of its original size at the Little Log House Pioneer Village in 1997. The original steeple stands up to 130 feet tall alongside the Historic St. Boniface Church. The Historic St. Boniface Church is open to all denominations.

Capacity: seats up to 215 guests


Sylvia’s Gardenslittle log house pioneer village Hastings, MN

Sylvia’s gardens are lined with rows and rows of glorious flowers. Each and every area of the garden is absolutely pristine and stunning. Within the gardens are thousands of blooms, two large ponds with an old-time water wheel, meandering brick paths, a wishing well and rustic buildings on the outskirts. Nestled into the garden is an ornate gazebo, designed by Sylvia as a perfect backdrop to say the words “I do.” The peak months for flowers blooming in Minnesota are late June through early September. Garden ceremonies are offered June through September and make the perfect outdoor wedding.

Capacity: seats up to 299 guests


Wedding Party Suites

Enjoy the convenience of having a place to gather with your wedding party during pictures and prior to the ceremony. Plan to use these rooms to get ready and have lunch or snacks with the wedding party.







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